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Valerie Doshier
Creator | Valerie Doshier 


Cheeky MaNeeky® is a children's book character created by Valerie Doshier. It is based on her travels and life as a child. Cheeky looks like Valerie when she was young. The big pink glasses, funny outfits, and pigtails are a perfect representation
of young Valerie!


Valerie died tragically from an aggressive brain tumor when she was 30-years-old. She passed from this life on April 11, 2016. Her request of her mom and art partner, Joshua Finley was to bring her dream into reality. She left explicit instructions on the framework for further explorations of Cheeky and her book series.  


Each book has to have these three themes woven into the story.

1. A self-esteem lesson.

2. A family values lesson.

3. A conservation lesson.


The stories are written by Valerie's mother. She writes them inspired by Valerie's unique spirit and all her childhood antics. The illustrations are done by her art partner and treasured friend, the talented Joshua Finley. 


The vision and dream are to entertain and inspire children (and adults!) with hopes that they will leave this planet a better place. As Cheeky would say, "Live your life with your own style."


Thank you for helping us make this amazing vision of Valerie's a reality.

Cheeky MaNeeky Painting
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